13. February 2020

In 2027, FCEVs can be cheaper than ICEs as well as BEVs

According to Deloitte, the total cost of ownership of FCEV will be lower than ICE and BEV within 10 years. Adrian Xu, a financial advisor to Deloitte in China, says: Read More
30. September 2019

At DHL, they became acquainted with hydrogen propulsion

As part of their Europe-wide meeting at the Slovakia Ring, DHL's management and top employees tested hydrogen propulsion in a TOYOTA MIRAI vehicle. Hydrogen drive has for the logistics segment, v Read More
22. September 2019

Ecomobility Day

The Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic will finally include hydrogen mobility in its plans. On September 21, 2019, the Ministry of Economy organized the Day of Ecomobility and the hydrogen sector aroused significant interest. The Ministry has entrusted Read More
2. April 2019


An international conference on new materials, technologies and innovations in the automotive industry was held in Šamorín last week. We took the opportunity to present hydrogen trends in a separate block. Read More