9. July 2019

Incident at a hydrogen filling station in Kjørbo, Norway - the cause is known

The root cause of the incident was identified as an assembly error of one particular plug in the hydrogen tank in the high pressure storage unit. This led to a hydrogen leak, creating it Read More
18. June 2019

Hydrogen safety info kit

Hydrogen safety and public perception For more than 40 years, industry has been using hydrogen in huge quantities as an industrial chemical (50 million t / year Source) and as a fuel for Read More
18. June 2019

Incident at a hydrogen filling station in Kjørbo, Norway

Updated report of 18.6.2019 In this article you will find updated information about the incident at a hydrogen filling station in Norway. For further explanation, we have also added a brief information Read More
17. June 2019

The future of hydrogen

The right time to seize the opportunity At the request of the Japanese government, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has prepared this important report at the request of the G20 Presidency to analyze the current Read More
14. June 2019

The father of electric cars in China says that hydrogen is the future

Source: Bloomberg News, 12 June 2019, 23:00 CEST Updated on 13 June 2019, 12:09 CEST Video interview and full article in English can be found HERE
7. June 2019

Fuel cell in an electric car - how does it work?

FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles) or in Slovak electric cells with a fuel cell are vehicles powered by electricity obtained from a chemical reaction between hydrogen from pressure tanks and Read More
5. June 2019

The world's first hydrogen-powered flying taxi

On May 30, 2019, Massachusetts-based Alaka’i Technologies launched the world's first hydrogen-powered flying taxi, the Skai flying taxi. Skai was drafted Read More
2. April 2019

We have become a member of Hydrogen Europe

We are honored to announce that we have become part of the family of European national hydrogen associations under the auspices of Hydrogen Europe. Hydrogen Europe includes national associations, industry and Read More
2. April 2019


An international conference on new materials, technologies and innovations in the automotive industry was held in Šamorín last week. We took the opportunity to present hydrogen trends in a separate block. Read More