Why join the National Hydrogen
association (NVAS)

What can the private sector expect from membership in the National Hydrogen Association?

  1. Through the introduction and use of hydrogen economy, the company will achieve a reduction of production costs
  2. The creation of new business opportunities, eg: creation of new business relationships, expansion of production, the possibility of using funds from the European Union´s resources
  3. Greater possibility for competitiveness
  4. Positive PR

How to fulfill the expectations of the private sector

  1. By creating clear and perspective legislative environment for implementation hydrogen in the conditions of the Slovak Republic.
  2. By supporting schemes that help put hydrogen technology into practice
  3. Public acceptance and subsequent creation of demand for more ecological goods and services
  4. Ensure access to information on the possibility of drawing funds from European Union´s resources

How to become a member

If you decide to become a member, please contact us by e-mail at info@nvas.skto find out the amount of the membership fee. The fee depends on whether you are a natural person, research institution, educational institution, non-profit organization, civic association or a company. Then please fill in the application form and send it signed and scanned by e-mail or post to the address NVAS, Budyšínska 36, Bratislava. Within ten calendar days from delivery, we will send you an e-mail confirming the execute committee´s acceptance as a member with an invoice for payment of the membership fee. After paying the fee, you become a full member of NVAS.



Universities: Technical University of Košice, Pavel Jozef Šafárik University in Košice


Slovenská inovačná energetická agentúra, Košický samosprávny kraj

Industry members:

Environ, HAPEVA, SynCo Group, SIGN, NAWITAS, IFT InForm Technologies, Probugas, InoBat, Viesmann, Solárny Dom, TCX, DIVKO, Messer Tatragas, E-Group, Slovenské elektrárne, FARMA FRESH Slovakia, TATRAVAGÓNKA Poprad, Eurowind Energy, CHEMOSVIT, AIR Products, Linde Gas, Auguste Cryogenics Slovakia, Bonett Slovakia, BCF Energy, VUJE, Muehlbauer Automation